About OM Vedic Training Centre


1. To offer courses in AYURVEDA, YOGA & ASTROLOGY

1. To provide practical hands on training opportunities for students / therapists and all interested

2. To offer a training ground for students and staff to be trained in ayurvedic therapy as well as handling administrative / front desk matters.

3. To provide online classes and e-modules.(LAUNCHED 1st E-Module on Nutrition and Yoga)

OM VEDIC TRAINING CENTRE LAUNCHED ON 17 OCTOBER 2014, by Dr Ramesh Varier, Managing Director, AVN group of Companies, India

Om Vedic Traning Centre will offer courses in AYURVEDA, AYURVEDA COOKING, YOGA & ASTROLOGY.

With the Primary Objective of 'Dispensing ANCIENT WISDOM' we are offering a plethora of courses, workshops, talks and resources to help our customers adopt or adapt a more holistic approach to life. Our training centre will be spearheaded by BAMS qualified Ayurvedic Physicians and ACTA certified trainers and educational knowledge sharing sessions will be offered by experts in the areas of Ayurveda, Yoga and Astrology.

Our Ayurvedic Training Programs offers a holistic experience. So acquire wisdom from the experts NOW !

Seminars, Training Programmes & Workshops

(i) Ayurveda Therapist Training (1-1 training)

The student will be given ample opportunity to work along with experienced therapists throughout the training under the guidance of an ayurvedic doctor. Towards the end of the training the trainee will be able to provide therapy for patients/customers. Internal assessment on the performance of the students will be done by an external Ayurvedic Consultant/Physician at Om Vedic Heritage Centre.

(ii)OM Vedic Astrology Details
Computerised horoscopes and consultation
Tantra Yoga: Tantric Guidance is provided by Master Chittoor Vijayan

(iii)Talks and workshops

Om Ayurveda Nutrition & Yoga E-Module will offer e-modules on Basics of Ayurveda, Nutrition & Yoga