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Women's Health and Ayurveda

According to Indian ancient literatures and Vedas, a woman is considered as the eternal energy ”SHAKTI” and the source of life on earth “Prakruti”. Women have the ability to pass any test of endurance, with her qualities of patience, stability, poise, multitasking and strong will power. A woman’s biggest gift to the world is ‘bringing new life through her progeny’. She is the strong foundation giving stability to her family and society. It is very important for a women to be healthy so as to perform all her duties willingly and happily.

A 5000 year old science, AYURVEDA has very well described the health related issues of women and how to manage it and also how to prevent it. This branch of Ayurveda is called as Stree Roga (Gynecological health:- deals with the changes that occur during all stages of a woman’s life such as puberty, reproductive age and menopause and also the diseases that occur during these stages) and Prasuti tantra (Obstretic health - deals with the care as well as the problems that occur of the woman before, during and after pregnancy).Ayurveda helps women find their body rhythm, which is closely linked to nature. Charaka samhita presents various categories of herbs and remedies for improving feminine health.

Have we ever questioned why?

# Why so many women around us are not able to conceive (Infertile)?

# Why every other women suffering from menstrual disturbances (oligomenorrhoea, dismenorrhoea, Menorrhagia)?

# Why most of them have long term history of PCOS, PCOD, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Chocolate cysts, many more.

# Why and what is the reason? Well, Ayurveda has the answer for all.

Ayurveda believes to treat such conditions from by removing the root cause itself and rarely advises invasive methods (Surgical removal of organs).Our Ayurvedic sages (seers) after several years of penance have formulated various therapies and medicines which from time immemorial Vaidyas have been using to help females with various Gyenecological disorders.

GARBHASAMSKAR :- A special programme which takes care of women from pre-conception till post-delivery. This involves detailed diet, lifestyle and ayurvedic formulations to help achieve healthy conception and normal delivery.

AYURVEDIC DETOX (PANCHAKARMA):- Now-a-days every other person talks about the importance of detox, as we all are aware of exposure to, millions of toxins surrounding us. Here Ayurveda comes in action again, this 5000 years old science already has given us this gift, called panchakarma -5 detox procedures :-

# VAMANA –Induced emeses

# VIRECHANA –Induced purgestion

# VASTI – Medicated enema

# NASYAM – Nasal drops inhalation

# RAKTA MOKHSHANA – blood letting

Before conceiving, couple is advised to undergo this purification procedure, to get rid of unwanted toxins and at the same time to help rejuvenate the body and senses.

The procedure follows as below:-

# Consultation with Ayurvedic physician, who does a detailed body type analysis,by doing pulse reading, external examination, etc.

# After accessing your body type, the ayurvedic physician formulates the Detox therapy best suited for your body type (includes set of massages, dhara, pizhichil, navarakizhi, etc. followed by one of the above detox)

# Strict diet and lifestyle modification play a vital role in the whole procedure.

# After the completion of Detox procedures, Physician prescribes the ayurvedic formulations to enhance the vitality and strength. Also helps rejuvenate the deepest cells of the body.

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