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OM Nature's Retail Nest
Your natural choice

We provide a unique shopping experience as you shop in our outdoor garden. Make the most of our Nature’s hand-picked products to ‘naturally’ enhance your life. So whether you are seeking classical / proprietory Ayurvedic Medicines, 100% chemical-free body, herbal products, books on Ayurveda, Sanskrit & Tamil Mantra/shloka/music CDs, original high quality spiritual rosaries and rudraksha beads from the Himalayas or terracotta jewellery, OM is your natural choice!

OM Ayurveda Products
Time-tested hair and body massage oils and other internal medicines. Om Ayurvedic medicines are manufactured by one of the largest Ayurvedic manufacturing companies which produced more than 450 varieties of traditional Ayurvedic medicines and more than 15 Over-The-Counter (OTC) Ayurvedic products. The factory is located in a pollution-free area in India and medicines are manufactured using traditional processes and strictly according to Ayurvedic texts with naturally-gromwn, chemical-free herbs. AVP has a state of the art GMP certified ayurveda medicines factory.

For medicines and oils not available in Singapore, you may choose to SHOP ONLINE at http://shop.avpayurveda.com/



Medicated Herbal Oils

Chemparuthyadi Coconut Oil

 Eladi Coconut Oil

Kottamchukkadi Thailam

Photo Not Available

Ksheerabala Thailam

Pinda Thailam

Sudhabala Thailam



OM Natural/Herbal OTC Products

K.P.Namboodiri’s  Toothpaste (100gms)

K.P.Namboodiri’s Gel Toothpaste (80gms)



OM Jewellery
Developed and sourced from artisans and authentic dealers/suppliers across India.

Exquisite Terracotta Jewellery



Rudraksha malas: 7mm & 6mm malas

 Rudraksha beads: 5 face rudra beads

Sfatik (quartz)maalas: 1st quality and diamond cut quality


Rudraksha bracelets

Tulsi maala: Ram and Shyam



OM Books

Secrets of the Pulse – Lad Vasanth D
Yoga of Herbs – Frawley David
Ayurveda (Secrets of Healing) – Tiwari Maya
The Ayurvedic CookbookMorningstar Amadea
Your Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakriti)Robert E.Svoboda
Ayurveda (The Gentle Health System)Rhyner Hans H
Ayurvedic Beauty CareSachs Malame

CD List

OM Pooja Items
Om Sandalwood Dhoopbathi (Incense sticks)

OM Traditional Games

The healing process starts right from the time you enter!

Indian Traditional Board Games

OM Gift Items
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