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Om Vedic Heritage Centre in 2013 explored expansion beyond Singapore. Moved by the natural beauty, divinity and unique culture in an Indonesian tropical island called Bali, it was immediately picked as ‘The Place’ for Om vedic’s next healing venture. Deep in the mountainous centre of Bali, amongst the lush green rice paddy fields, lies a small town called Ubud thought to be the Bali’s spiritual and cultural hub. Ubud comes from the Balinese word Ubad, which means medicine, and has long been known as a mystical place, rich in healing powers.

Om Vedic on 15 November 2013 entered into a partnership to form Om Vedic Sacred Healing with the objective of bringing authentic ayurveda to Bali and also provide ayurvedic life skills to the Balinese.

Since November 2013, Om Vedic Sacred healing has been training many youth and spa therapists in Bali the art of ‘ayurvedic therapy and massage techniques’.

In October 2014, Om Vedic Sacred Healing was blessed to start offering its first ayurvedic massage services in a resort which is just a 10min drive from the heart of Ubud/Ubud market. Alam Puisi Villas, Banjar Sembuwuk, Desa Pejeng, 80571 Ubud, Indonesia. Alam Puisi Villas belongs to the Alam Hotel Group of 5 hotels and resorts in Bali.

We will begin to offer Ayurveda Spa and Beauty Therapies in November 2014 under the auspices of Om Vedic Sacred Healing.