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Gulma means Deep – rooted adherent nature. Gulma is so called because it has its root in confounded, Vaayu, originates from deep source like a shrub


1. Excess intake of Vata aggravating foods (dry, light, rough, spicy)
2. Constipation or improper bowel habit
3. Suppression of natural urges
4. Pressure exerted by external causes like injury, hit, compression etc
5. Excess food intake
6. Grief / stress
7. Improperly carried Panchakarma treatment

1. Vataja
2. Pittaja
3. Kaphaia
4. Tridoshic
5. Raktaja(in female, refers to uterine fibroids)

Granthi (Benign Tumors)

Kapha plays the predominant role as it enters the affected dhatus. The most common dhatus affected are medas, mamsa, and rakta


There is one caused by each dosha, and six categorized by the tissue that is vitiated. These tissues are: rakta, mamsa, medas, asthi, sira (vein) and Vrana (ulcer). Other authors have added additional types such as nadi dhatuja, lasika granthi, lasika vahini, and tilaja.

Treatment Case Study



Vata Gulma  anuvasana basti(Enema) if the tumor is below the umbilicus.

Pitta Gulma  bitter medicated ghee

Kapha Gulma  fasting and the practice of vamana

Rakta Gulma  oleation(body massage) and fomentation followed by purgation




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