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Detoxification is the elimination or removal of  toxin(Ama) from the body. Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins from the body.

We live in an environment where we are exposed to different types of pollutants, radiations and stress on a daily basis which causes accumulation of toxins in the body. The detox process occurs in our body on a daily basis. However, this may not happen effectively. This is the reason, detoxification of your body is necessary.

We can detox once in a year, while other  required more frequent detox cycles. Depends on condition and expert advice.

Benefits of Detox

1.Improve Immune system

2.Increase energy level

3. Remove the body toxin

4. Improved skin

5.Improve mental state

6.Anti ageing


Treatment Case Study

Sex - Male               Age -43yrs.


Patient was having main complain as bloated and heavyness in abdomen on & off, feeling tierd and lethargic all day, constipation on and off since 3 weeks.

Had associated symptoms of acid reflux, Low appetite sometimes,foul smell in the mouth.


Pt. had travelled to US for work, had out side food all days in last month, irregular eating time and sleep time. Patients sleep was disturbed due to lagged time. Had mouth ulcers and constipation on and off during this time. For which he took laxatives and Vitamins.


1. He was reccomended to go for Detox Therapy (Cleansing Therapy) to eliminate AMA or toxins from body, in a form of Virechana (Purgation). This therapy helps to cleanse intestinal gut flora and helps to remove AMA or toxins from the body. Thus in turn improves Agni (digestive fire).

1st Step :

Abhyantar Snehan - he was advised to take medicated Ghee internally, empty stomach for 5 days in incresing order according to Patients prakruti and disorder.

Advised to take Deepan and Pachan choornam after Lunch nad dinner.

2nd Step :

Bhaya Snehana (External Oleation) and Swedana (Steam) for 7 Days.

Abhyanga (Full body warm oil massage) and  Abhaynga + Swedana (Full body warm oil massage + steam)  for alternate days

3rd Step:

on 8th Day (Day after therapy completes)

Patient was adviced to take internal medications like choornam and /lehyam for purgation

He was advised on diet during detox therapy and after purgation.

2. 2nd Follow up visit- Pt. was feeling much fresh and energtic through out the day and was feeling lighter too. 




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