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Piles (Arsha)


In Ayurveda Piles/Hemorrohids  also callled as Arsha. Piles are distended veins in the anal canal. when Veins in the lower part of the rectum swell or when they prolapse into the canal they are considered as Piles.


1. Constipation,

2. Straining while passing stool

3. Pregnancy

4. Weakening of the muscles supporting the veins due to ageing etc.

5.  Hereditary

6. Obesity

7. Lifting heavy weights over a long period

8. Repeated diarrhea and dysentery


1. Bleeding from the anus

2. Constipation
3. Itching
4. Protrusion of a mass from the anal canal

other symptoms

Severe headache, pain in the flanks, scapular region beneath the shoulder, back/hip, thigh, inguinal region etc may be found.

Often it may be associated with sneezing, regurgitation, constipation, chest congestion, tastelessness, cough, breathlessness, indigestion, tinnitus, vertigo etc


There are two types of Piles



Treatment Case Study

Ayurvedic Treatment

Single Herbs




Avipattikara Churna
Triphlala guggulu
Pile off

Pilex ointment





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