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Fistula (Bhagandara)


In Ayurveda Fistula called as Bhagandara- Bhag+Daran, Bhag means Perianal region and daran means Tare of Surface . Latin  word Fistula means- hollow pipe. 

Abnormal  communication between two epithelium is called as fistula. Anal Fistula is a problem which presents it self as a small swelling or cyst in the peri anal region. as soon as this swelling bursts the pus & blood discharges come out & there is relief in the pain. But this cycle is again repeated after an interval of few days. After  certain period of time its forms a Fistula.


 Infection of anal fissure
 Trauma by passing hard stools
 Due to the diseases like ulcerative colitis, chrohns disease, diabetes, ca rectum.


pus , blood or watery discharges through anus

painfull nodular mass

Treatment Case Study

Ayurvedic Treatment Procedure For Fistula

Ksharsutra- The Ksharsutra is a type of medicated thread prepared by coating and recoating the thread 15 to 21 times with different drugs of plant origin. It helps in cutting, curetting, draining, and cleaning the fistulous track, thus promoting healing of the track.



1. Triphala Guggulu

2. Aroyavardhini Vati

3. Chandraprabha Vati

4. Chrvilwadi Kashyam

5. Mahatiktika Kashyam




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