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Constipation (Vibandha)


  • constipationConstipation is the infrequent and difficult passage of stools. Although the frequency of elimination varies from person to person constipation is medically defined as fewer than 3 bowel movements per week.
  • Constipation in ayurvedic view is ’vibandha’ which is mainly due to vata kara ahara and is because of apana vata dusti.It is also called as ’malabandha’ according to some acharyas


  • Acute constipation-involves short term bloating, discomfort and inability to evacuate the bowels
  • Chronic constipation –is the inability of a person to readily evacuate the bowels for a period of months.
  • Constipation if not treated can cause other digestive problems like indigestion (ajeerna), haemorrhoids (arshas) and flatulence (adhmana).
  • Constipation can come as an independent problem or can be a part of many diseases like hypothyroidism, parkinsonism, hypercalcaemia, sluggish liver, inactive colon, depression, diverticulitis disease and intestinal obstruction


  • Matra vasti 
  • Varti (suppositories) are good for adults
  • -Senna powder with hot water is a good choice for purgation
  • Fruits/grains are the best source of fibres.
  • Adequate exercise,adequate fluid intake,and at least 30 gms of fibre in diet is recommended.
  • Coffee,tea,potato,biscuits,bakery stuffs must be reduced.


Treatment Case Study


  • Sex-Male    Age-35yrs
  • C/O –  Chronic constipation past 5 months. He is not able to pass bowels daily, once or twice a week only he is able to clear the bowels. Because of this condition he feels very restless and uneasy. He feels bloated and does not want to eat food as well.
  • H/O- Constipation past 2 years, but was able to clear the bowels every 2 days.
  • Ayurvedic Approach:-
  • Patient was advised to cut on Non-vegetarian diet for 1month, along with that to include lot of fluids and vegetables in his diet. He was advised some herbal laxatives and detox medicines for a period of 1 week.
  • 1st follow up after 1 week:- Patient was able to clear his bowels twice this week. Initially it was hard and then he was comfortable.
  • 2nd follow up after 2nd week:- he was able to clear the bowels thrice this week.
  • 3rd follow up after 3rd week:- bloated stomach has reduced along bowels have become regular. Appetite is good now.


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