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IBS/ Crohn's disease/Sprue (Grahani)


  • According to Ayurveda, Crohn's disease can be compared to 'Grahani'disease.



  •  An anatomical term used to describe small intestines (specifically Ileum and jejunam). Any vitiation or inflammation to this particular part by imbalanced Doshas {Vata(air), Pitta(fire), Kapha(water)} can cause a wide variety of symptoms similar to that of Crohn's disease, anywhere across the digestive system. Degree and nature of symptoms may vary as per the doshic involvement.


As per Ayurveda, primary causes of Grahani disease are :-

  • Poor appetite and poor digestion, irregular, improper, irrelevant diet habits and regular intake of junk food.
  • Not following healthy diet habits (Pathya) in certain digestive disorders (conditions of post diarrhea and irritable bowels) are also one of the causes of this disease.


  • patient should follow the strict diet regime and lifestyle as per the advice of an ayurvedic physician.Along with it there will be internal medicine and some detox proceduree to be followed.

Treatment Case Study

Sex: male      Age: 23 yrs

C/O Stomach pain and diarrhoea since one year.

H/O he is getting severe stomach pain after eating the food and passing the loose motion.passing the motion 5-6 times a day. tried lot of treatment but there is no use ,the symptoms have not controlled yet.

Ayurvedic approach:

Adviced some life style changes & modified some food habbits also.

advised some internal medicines and external therapies as well.

after one month of time he got remarked improvement.no stomach pain and diarrhoea at all.

asked him to continue  the medication & diet  for 1 more month.


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We have been able to help people with Crohn's condition at our centre.

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