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PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom)



  • Arthava kshaya which can be correlated with PCOS has been described as deficiency/loss of arthava(menstrual flow), arthava does not appear in time or is delayed, is scanty and does not last for three days. Pain in the vagina also can be seen.
  • According to ayurveda, Arthava kshaya is a disorder involving pitta (harmones) and kapha doshas (fluids), meda (fat tissues), ambu/rasa(plasma), shukra/arthava dhatu (menstrual blood) and reproductive channels, so same is with PCOS.
  • If vata is predominant it menifests :-
  • painful menses, severe menstrual irregularity,low weight and feeling of coldness.
  • If Pitta is predominant it manifests:-
  • hair loss, acne, painful menses, clots and heart problems.
  • If Kapha is predominant it menifests :-
  • increased weight, infertility, hirsutism, diabetec tendencies and feeling of coldness.
  • The pathology is an obstruction in the pelvic cavity causing disorders in the flow of vata,this in turn leads to accumulation of kapha and pitta.
  • Treatment principles includes to normalize metabolism and regulate menstrual system,kapha reducing,insuline enhancing and hormone rebalancing drugs to relieve PCOS.

    Basti(medicated enema),to bring vata(nervous system) into balance.

    Abhyangan –it is anti-vata and swedanam(herbal steam)

    Virechana:- to bring Pitta into balance

    Vamana – to bring kapha into balance.

  • Saptasaram ks,
  • sukumara ks,
  • kumaryasvam,
  • phala Ghritham,etc.
  • (All therapies and treatments should be done after consulting Ayurvedic physician.)

Treatment Case Study

  • Date: March 2014
  • Age-28years
  • H/O- PCOS past 3 years. She was on allopathic medicines (contraceptives) since then. She wanted to switch to natural remedies and came to see the Ayurvedic consultant at Om Vedic.
  • C/O-Irregular and scanty menses past 3 years, sometimes associated with pain.
  • She was advised to take some internal medicines including ghee based medicines along with the therapy (abhyangam,etc,.).After 1st month of the treatment her menstrual cycle started to get regular. She went for an ultra sound for check, to her surprise cysts had reduced to almost half of its previous size. Then she continued her medicines for another few months with full faith. After 3months, her cycles were regular, with normal flow and no pain. She was advised to follow some diet and lifestyle changes advised by the ayurvedic physician.


Testimonial22-PCOD.jpegPCOD-test17PCODpcodDr.Rupali-Testimonial2-Irregular_Periods.jpegPCODpcospcosPMSpcodpcos35MensesTestimonial 1xxpcos 3pcos 3irregular mensespcos2PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and PCODPCOS

"I sought treatment for polycystic ovaries and associated hormonal imbalance. Within a month of the treatment, my gynaecologist was surprised to note that the condition of my ovaries had improved significantly - there was a significant reduction in the number of cysts. The hormonal imbalance had also improved significantly. Although the treatment took time, the results were visible."


Preeti Binwani(long time abck);l;/.


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